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The Economic Impact of Families Afield

Financial Impact of Families Afield

With more than 1,006,269 new hunters, not only has Families Afield proven to be a safe and successful recruitment and retention tool, it packs a significant economic punch as well.

Research conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in 2008, shows that the average hunter spends roughly $2,000 per year on expenses related to hunting. This includes food, lodging, equipment, travel costs, licenses and more.

Apprentice License Buyer retention data from Ohio showed that roughly half of all apprentice hunters returned to hunt in years two and three. According to state wildlife agency experts, that is a tremendously high retention rate for a new hunter recruitment program.

Combining the annual expenditure data with the retention research makes it easy to appreciate the impact of Families Afield. These figures project that the program has already produced an estimated economic impact of more than $1 Billion per year! (And that number will continue to grow as more states adopt the program.)

$1,000,000,000 Economic Impact Annually!