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Apprentice Licenses for Everyone

Apprentice Licenses Recruit Women to Hunting

Women are the largest group of underserved Americans in the hunting community. While representing more than 50% of the U.S. population, only 11% of hunters are women. They are essential to the future of hunting because women are often the parent that makes decision about which activities are safe and legitimate forms of recreation for their families.

Families Afield is making inroads with this important demographic. Data from Minnesota reveals that nearly 30% of apprentice license buyers were women, a rate roughly 3x greater than women participate in the general hunting population.

Apprentice Licenses Attract Urban Hunters

The future of hunting in America depends on its ability to attract newcomers from the urban and suburban areas of the country. The growth of metropolitan areas has increased their political clout that it is a growing reality that city dwellers will determine future hunting and firearm laws. Data from Minnesota details the success Families Afield has had in recruiting non-traditional hunters from metropolitan areas. The research showed that 42% of apprentice license buyers came from urban locations. Metropolitan hunters account for just 28% of the general hunting population in the state.

Apprentice Licenses are for People of All Ages

More than kids benefit from the availability of apprentice licenses. Because it is safe and an effective method to recruit new hunters thirty-one states offer apprentice hunting to adults as well as kids.

Examples of potential adult apprentices include:
  • Retirees, looking for an activity to join.
  • College students who meet hunters on campus and become interested.
  • Empty-nesters with time on their hands for the first time in years.
  • A new work-mate or neighbor who meets a hunter while socializing or working.
These and other examples like them present opportunities to show others the fun that can be had in the outdoors. That is why the Families Afield partners support apprentice hunting licenses for both adults and young people.